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Vision Products allow you to:

  1. Restore and maintain good health,
  2. Clean your body from unwanted toxins and sediments,
  3. Rejuvenate the body and maximize the lifetime,
  4. Significantly increase the resistance of the organism,
  5. Take well-being and fitness.
  6. Efficiency and safety of the products is confirmed by Vision

Biologically active dietary supplements manufactured by Vision International People Group jointly with the French group could help ensure Arkopharma human body substances necessary for health, vitamins, macro, micronutrients, herbs, amino acids, and fibers.

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Highlighted products:

VIP-ROFES (Vision) testing of the body
Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes provides the opportunity to test the functional state of all the organs and systems of the human body. Daily checks of the vital functions state will help you track the dynamics of the processes occurring in the body, assess the indices of your emotional and physical state, estimate the level of fatigue and the degree of its influence on the body tone. Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes is safe and easy to use. You need to just fix it on your wrist.

Shop price:
208,80 EUR
Wholesale price:
156,60 EUR

Bio-In (Vision) 120 days
Bio-In is a 120 day, eight stage program which completely restores, rebalances and harmonises the body’s microbiome over its duration. By doing this, Bio-In completely stops and reverses health problems associated with dysbacteriosis like early ageing, weakened defensive reactions or even oncological disease. The full Bio-In program contains 1.5 trillion Culture Forming Units (CFUs), enough to completely transform and revitalise your body for enduring health results.

Each user selects their own functional program, choosing from a range of sets comprised of Bio-In’s synbiotics and natural food supplements. In this way, Bio-In’s eff ective probiotic solutions can be intensively directed towards providing transformative and lasting improvement to specific body functions such as respiratory health, the immune system, oral protection and others

Shop price:
1224,00 EUR
Wholesale price:
897,30 EUR

DETOX+ (food supplement)
In the 1970s, American pharmacologists began systematic research on a plant which had been mentioned many times in Indian legends as magical remedy for treating the most serious, deadly diseases.

Shop price:
25,50 EUR
Wholesale price:
16,20 EUR

VINEX (food supplement)
Research conducted by the World Health organization (WHO) has shown that the lowest rates of cardio-vascular disease and the longest life expectancy are found in European countries where red wine is traditionally consumed...

Shop price:
37.44 EUR
Wholesale price:
23.85 EUR

MEDISOYA (food supplement)
Around the age of 45-48, every woman goes through a time that ought to be the most harmonious in her life, and why shouldn't it be?

Shop price:
45.00 EUR
Wholesale price:
28.80 EUR

KG-OFF FAT ABSORBER (food supplement)
Food supplement made of chitosan, extracted from crustaceans’ shells. Chitosan binds with fat molecules and forms an insoluble complex to reduce the absorption of fats by the body. Chromium intervenes in lipid metabolism, may assist in weight management.
Shop price:
36,00 EUR
Wholesale price:
23,40 EUR

SAFE TO SEE (food supplement)
regular consumption of Safe-to-see contributes to maintaining visual acuity, reducing eye fatigue, as well as to reducing a risk of developing deceases of organs of vision.

Shop price:
49,50 EUR
Wholesale price:
30,60 EUR

LC BALANCE (food supplement)
– is a quick and effective solution of the problem of cholesterol. This preparation impacts in two ways - both on external sources of cholesterol and its inner layers and regulates the amount of "bad" cholesterol without reducing acceptable levels of "good" cholesterol.

Shop price:
32.63 EUR
Wholesale price:
21.06 EUR

This unique gel helps you to get prepared for physical activity and to relax afterwards. It is a truly powerful product, thanks to 30% of Devil’s Claw extract traditionally used by people all over the world to improve motion functions.

Shop price:
35.62 EUR
Wholesale price:
22.50 EUR